About Derrick

Derrick Richardson

Derrick Richardson

Derrick Richardson is a creative communicator who flourishes in public relations. Derrick majored in communication with an emphasis in public relations and graduated from the University of North Florida in December 2014. He will earn his masters degree from Purdue University in August 2016.

Derrick feels that he entails the “it” factor that can separate him from his colleagues in the field. He has already networked with many PR practitioners all over the U.S to learn and also work with them. His internship experiences and work history makes him an ideal candidate for any PR job in the near future.

He has had many writing pieces published already along with one of his creative writing samples published in the “Christian Outlook” for writing poetry, which is a hobby of his.

“I expect nothing but perfection out of my work, but excellence will be tolerated,” he has been quoted saying many times.  He is determined to succeed and will stop at nothing to reach his goals.

“I’m a ‘junkie’ for learning and I love to take in new information to continue to perfect and hone my skills.”

He previously interned with WJCT: First Coast Connect handling media relations and helping with production assistance. He has many web posts on the site that will exemplify his writing and blogging skills. He also interned with Dalton Agency (Jan 2014-April 2014). He most recently interned with PRI Productions and held positions with several school organizations and is quite active in the community being the media/public relations director for his church. His current position is communications coordinator for Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

Please browse around to learn more of Derrick’s work and contact him for more information.


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