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Wounded Warrior Project Appoints John Jacobs as new Chief Executive Officer

Dear Lynnsey Gardner,

We spoke on the phone briefly about Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) concluding their search for a new chief executive officer (CEO) after searching for months through several candidates. They have appointed John Jacobs effective immediately to fill the chair of CEO that was left vacant after the firing of former CEO Steve Nardizzi who had been the CEO, since 2010. Jacobs is the former chief operating officer of Recovering American Veterans were he held that position for ten years.


This is just being released and I wanted to share it with you, since you did an investigative report on WWP a few months back, concerning misusage of funds for the nonprofit. Jacobs is ready to clear the image of the national nonprofit and is available for an interview starting tomorrow. WWP has been providing services and programs for wounded warriors for nearly 13 years now. We want to reach out to our donors and alumni base of warriors to inform them of the new direction the nonprofit is heading.


As our mission states we are always striving, “to honor and empower wounded warriors.” I will follow-up with you soon, so please let me know if you would be interested in speaking with Mr. Jacobs and I can arrange that meeting. You will also find an infographic timeline enclosed to assist with your coverage.

Contact: Derrick Richardson

Email: Phone: (904)555-5555