Act Like A PR Practitioner, Think Like A Journalist

We have so much in common!

I’m a PR major and this past summer (2013) I took on an internship at a local news radio station.

At this station I learned one key thing “act like a PR practitioner, but think like a journalist.” My internship was with WJCT: First Coast Connect here in Jacksonville, Fla. It was an internship really geared more toward journalists, but I took it anyway as a way to gain more experience and pad my resume. It was a good idea, because I learned some great writing techniques to hone my skills and made some good connections.

Every morning I was able to listen to the show while taking the calls of listeners. The most vital part of this internship was when I was able to sit in on the morning news meetings and hear what all these great journalistic professionals were looking for. They would talk about topics in the news and discuss what was newsworthy for the show. They discussed what the demographic for their show would want to hear. They knew I was a PR major, but they still challenged me to bring ideas to the table every morning. This helped with my researching abilities and deciding what’s newsworthy and what’s not.

The PR in me would show at times in the meeting, but I soon put that aside to enter a journalist state of mind. I will forever be grateful to those at WJCT and will never forget to be successful in this field I must always “act like a practitioner, but think like a journalist.”


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