Less Than A Minute

Real World Less than a minute is how long I was on stage when I graduated.
It took four years to get to a day to walk across the stage for less than a minute. It took thousands of dollars to walk across the stage for less than a minute. It also took less than a minute for reality to set in that this is it… What now?

This is where many college graduates get stumped and wonder, what should I do. It can get scary at this point, because no longer is someone directing you what to do, but now its time to be a big boy/girl. Hopefully you paid attention in class, because those four years were preparing you for this moment. Throughout college people warned me about the “real world” and its dangers. Well in the words of Simba from Lion King, “I laugh in the face of danger.”

I was always taught preparation is key and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I took that approach in college and prepared myself for that less than a minute walk. I took on internship after internship, I went to networking events, I worked hard in school to be an honor student, I respected professors, so I could use them as a reference and I complied plenty volunteer and work experience too.

What did my preparation get me… I already have a job in my degree field, I have two other interviews this month, I’ve been accepted to grad school, which at Purdue is not the norm for someone fresh out of undergrad. I have plenty connections, references and I graduated with honors (3.7 GPA). Does this mean I won’t have bumps and bruises along the way in my young career, of course I will that’s life.

I do know this my welcome into the “real world,” hasn’t been that bad, because honestly the way I grew up I was born into the “real world.” Now if you asked would I do all of this over again for that one minute, in less than a minute I would simply reply… Yes.


4 thoughts on “Less Than A Minute

  1. This article is just what I needed, graduating with a PR Degree in May I’ve been nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time! Keep Writing!

  2. You’re an example that it doesn’t matter where you from in the world but we encounter the same ‘real world’ experiences. I am a recent, May 2014, Public Relations and Communications graduate from South Africa who’s currently on the same stage as you are. Great article, I might say..

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