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download I hear the question asked all the time, how many internships should you do while in college? I’ve seen and heard many different answers, so being the professional intern that I am I decided to share my view on it. The answer is simple the number of internships you should do is the same number as days in your life you should want to live, as many as possible.

I hear people all the time try and put a set number on how many internships you should do and I personally don’t think you can restrict it to a single number.

images I’ll be completing my fifth and most likely final internship in a few weeks. I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience that I believe will become quite useful in my job field. I took on three public relations internships, a journalistic internship and a leadership internship. I learned about some things I like and dislike about the prospective job fields. Even with all this experience I still don’t know if I’m satisfied.

My first internship I took on was in the sports public relations aspect, but was more driven towards sports management. I particularly didn’t like that one too much and only learned I don’t want to work for that company. My second internship came by way of a very popular talk radio show where I learned many writing techniques. The people were quite kind to me during my time there, but journalism just isn’t for me. I have the utmost respect for those who are journalists and I owe a lot to that internship.

My third internship was simply a leadership internship with a summer school program. That was just something to show my communication skills with a diverse group and be a role model for the young students. I would love to go back and see how their first year of high school went now that its over. In my fourth internship I really learned a lot about the pr field and myself. I learned some of the typical things that an entry-level professional will be asked to do, but also that I don’t want to work agency. The people weren’t as welcoming and I just really didn’t get a good feel for it.

My fifth and final internship (possibly) is currently with an event production group, so I get to see the event planning aspect of public relations, which I’ve enjoyed this summer. My internship coordinator has been very hands on while also cutting the cord loose and letting me run free on some things. Everyone at this establishment has been welcoming and I feel like I’m apart of the team. After going through these internships and not to mention a one-month volunteer project with a non-profit that felt like an internship I’ve decided on my career choices.

My first option is non-profit, second is corporate communications and finally sports pr. Internships to me are about three things; learning, making mistakes so you can learn and figuring out what you want to do and/or what you don’t want to do, which can all be summed up in one word… learning. In my five internships I experienced all these things and I’m grateful to every establishment who allowed me to work alongside them. When I become a future powerhouse in the pr field and I will I owe a portion of the credit to each one. Thank you for reading my blog post this is the Professional Intern officially signing off.


One thought on “Professional Intern

  1. Once again, another great one! As I begin my last two internships you learn what you want to do as time goes forward, you know what you do and don’t like and that helps you find a PR field that makes you happy.

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