The Glorious Campaign

IMG_0597[1] During the holiday season myself and my family came up with an idea to help promote our Christmas service at our church. With my father being the pastor and knowing I’ll be graduating with my bachelors in communication-public relations this year he put me over any public/media relations for the church. We had just recently been in the news twice last month about the battle between us and the state, so we were a hot topic at the time.

The campaign was to promote giving away gift cards to any visitors who attended the entire service Sunday. The strategy was to get more people to attend the church gaining members by promoting free gift cards if visitors come to service. We put out two objectives an impact objective and an output objective. The impact was to influence the attitude of the visitors toward church to encourage them in whatever situation they may be going through. The output objective was to gain members from this campaign. Being a church we want to help the community, gain members and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal was to help people and if we influenced one person or gained one member it was a success.

The tactics were quite simple we used social media, word of mouth, flyers were passed out and radio coverage all free press. I even pitched the story to some local media outlets. The most effective tactic was the radio coverage. I would get call after call for the event with the radio playing it several times a day. It was so many at one point that we thought it was working too good. That Sunday the church was packed with 30 visitors, the most ever on one Sunday. I knew playing the ad on the Christian channel would not get as many people, because most of those people already have a church so you have to know your audience. I had the ad played on the R&B channel and it was a success.

The service was really good and it seemed to touch many people hearts. We were able to give out the gift cards to families and individuals to help them for Christmas. Since the service we had one visitor come back and others call the pastor. In public relations some would say that’s not worth it, but when you’re talking about a church it’s all about planting the seed in people and waiting for it to grow. One day when they need a church they will know where to go. I’m already starting on this year’s campaign for Christmas 2014 and this time we may try and get some sponsorship fro a local grocery store. Every year we are trying to take things to higher heights. Just be mindful and keep checking back for updates, because I’m like a man smoking a cigarette at a gas pump… I’m about to blow up!


4 thoughts on “The Glorious Campaign

  1. good to hear that a campaign was done for your church. been advocating similar – profile building, etc – but to date, it’s been lukewarm response. if you have a plan, appreciate if you could share. thanks! continue with your good work for the Lord… after all He is the giver of your giftings!

  2. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been trying to think of a way to strategically motivate the young adults at my church using p.r. tactics, specifically social media. Do you have any further tips or updates on how to engage people using social media and p.r.?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Hi Janie, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. My father is the pastor so, with my experience in pr and social media he put me over public and media relations. I do things like live tweet from the church account during service, we record parts of the service and put it on the YouTube page and we keep plenty of content on the Facebook. I reach out to the media anytime its a big event at the church and I’m in the process of getting sponsors for the same event this year. Hope some of this is a help to you.

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